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Qoya is... 

...for all women, of every age, and every level of experience with movement, dance, or spirituality. 

The word Qoya comes from the Quechuan word for queen.

However, the Qoya is not a traditional, crowned lady who inherited power and land. Rather Qoya translates as a

"female manifestation of higher consciousness."

During class, you will experience aspects of yoga, dance, meditation, and somatic movement with a gathering of women. 

Enjoy your first class for free when you book to  truly embody and experience the call of Qoya. 

In class... 

The invitation is to arrive to class simply with:

  • comfy clothes to move and dance in

  • water nearby

  • a yoga mat or similar

  • body + spirit ready to explore possibilities

Every class is built around a theme that inspires the playlist. An oracle cards is drawn at the start to inspire times of sharing. Throughout the class you will be led to move in community or freely listen to your own divine body.



On Zoom: 

Starting with the global pandemic, classes are currently held completely online. There is a magic of being in the comfort of your own home while moving to music, sharing with other women, and being held in a nourishing space. 

When you sign up for a class, you will immediately be emailed the unique zoom link for every class.  

For class, you just need enough space to move a little bit beyond your own mat. A good internet connection, speaker, or bluetooth headset can be helpful. 

If you feel called, you can set sacred space in your home by lighting a candle, burning incense, blessing your room with essential oils, reiki or prayers. 

In class, be ready to participate as you feel called. There is no way to do Qoya wrong, you know you are on track when it feels good in your own body. Our own bodies are our guides and teachers in every class.

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