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About Lilly...

Honor yourself to know yourself. 

Growing up, my life revolved around ballet, jazz, and as many different types of dance I could try. The trials of adolescence, of discovering, were given grace whenever I could move my body in a studio, on stage, or simply in my family's living room listening to records or CDs. ​

As life does, my love of dance shifted away to make room for new roles of being a chef, entrepreneur, and eventually a wife and mother. 

With a baby and toddler on my hip, while attempting to run an online business, and volunteer in my community, I found myself being swallowed up by the tiny and large pressures that left me with anxiety and debilitating moments of wanting to hide from the world and myself.

In between baby time, cooking, cleaning, mothering, working, and volunteering, I found my way to re-member myself through short videos led by Qoya founder Rochelle Shieck. 


It has been a dream to become a Qoya teacher ever since Rochelle started the movement in 2009. Starting in 2019 into the incredible year that was 2020, I completed my training to become a guide and teacher of this movement that has allowed me to dream, grow, and be nourished by the women I am blessed to share this journey with. 

Join me. My hope is you hear the call to re-member as well. Come as you are, let's dance, share, and leave as more of who we are. 

Much love + light,



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